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Commercial Cleaning

Is there a contract?

Yes, once you approve our proposal we sign with our clients for a year.

What if I only need cleaning once a week?

We do have a qualifying procedure, our montly minimum is $1000 plus HST. We do appreciate your interest in us, and thank you in advance, if you're located within our service areas let us know and we will see what we can do!

Im just under your qualifying minimum, can I still get quoted?

Yes! As long as youre locatated within or very close to our service areas we can provide you with a proposal.

What does your qualifying procedure entail and why?

Duenas Services understands the time it takes to show potential contractors your facility, only to end up with poor cleaning results. Please let us know of all your facility cleaning needs and frequency. We will be book you for a visitation of your space to ensure all the details and provide you with a proposal within 1 business day at the latest. Before accepting a client we kindly ask that you also meet our criteria, this is to ensure that not only are we a good fit for you but for us as well. This will save us both the time!

Residential Cleaning

How many cleaners are sent?

Typically all of our homes reveive 2 cleaners for their home, however depedning on the needs of the home we will send up to 4 cleaners.

What services do you not provide?

For safety reasons, we don't clean any human or pet waste (bodily fluids), nor do we clean homes that are infested by any type of vermin. We only clean inside your home (no exterior windows or balconies), and do not clean inside the garage. We do not clean anything higher than what can be reached using a step-stool. We are pleased to wash your dishes and/or load them into your dishwasher, however we cannot place them back into your cabinetry as the risk of breakage is too high. We do not move furniture and / or appliances and clean around/under them only if those areas are accessible.

I forgot to add a cleaning task, can I just have the cleaner do it once here?

If a task was forgetten please contact us and let us know so we can advise our cleaners, and update your payment. Please keep in mind, our cleaners are schduled for other homes as well and may not be able to perform any additional tasks that were not intially listed.

Do I need to be home?

Totally up to you. Our cleaners are carefully screened, highly trained, and motivated cleaning professionals. Enjoy your day and leave your home to us!

Specialty Cleaning


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