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Is there a contract?

Yes, once you approve our proposal we sign with our clients for a year.

What if I only need cleaning once a week?

We do have a qualifying procedure, our montly minimum is $1000 plus HST. We do appreciate your interest in us, and thank you in advance, if you're located within our service areas let us know and we will see what we can do!

Im just under your qualifying minimum, can I still get quoted?

Yes! As long as youre locatated within or very close to our service areas we can provide you with a proposal.

What does your qualifying procedure entail and why?

Duenas Services understands the time it takes to show potential contractors your facility, only to end up with poor cleaning results. Please let us know of all your facility cleaning needs and frequency. We will be book you for a visitation of your space to ensure all the details and provide you with a proposal within 1 business day at the latest. Before accepting a client we kindly ask that you also meet our criteria, this is to ensure that not only are we a good fit for you but for us as well. This will save us both the time!

Quel est la durée moyenne d'une visite énergétique?

Une visite énergétique bien effectuer varie entre 30 et 45 minutes.

Que ce passe t'il si je ne fait pas autant d'économies que prévus?

Votre confort à la maison est autant important pour nous que votre confort financier. Pour ce fait, un control annuel est effectuer pendant les 10 ans de garanti pour s'assurer de l'efficacité énergétique de votre récupérateur aréothermique.

Quel est la différence entre un récupérateur aéorothermique et un thermopompe?

Le récupérateur aéorothermique, tout comme le thermopompe, est un dispositif permettant de transférer de l'énergie thermique d'un millieu à basse température vers un millieu à haute température à l'exception près que le récupérateur fonctionne avec un gaz (puron) qui lui permet de fonctionner beaucoup plus efficacement à de très basses températures.

Êtes-vous en partenariat avec Hydro-Québec?

Non, le programme climat vert, propose des solutions simples et efficaces pour réduire la consomation d'énergie.

How many staff will be provided for my facility?

All of our clients will recieve a minimum of 2 cleaners. We can provide up to teams of 10-15 staff members given the facility needs.

How often should I get a deep cleaning?

It depends on your cleaning service schedule/needs. Typically clients choose to have a deep cleaning once a week when they're receiving a Monday-Friday cleaning. However, if its only 3 times a week you would like cleaning services, you may want to consider the build-up from the days you're not receiving cleaning and ensure the days you do, everything is throughly completed.

What is a monthly supervisor check-in?

Duenas Services staff are highly trained for quality detailed work, and we always strive for perfection, however sometimes staff can make a mistake. We do send a superviosir to do a monthly check in of your facilty to ensure our standards are being delivered as promised. This avoids any potential inconvenience a client may experince. This is typically done after store hours.

What is Specialty Cleaning?

Our Specialty cleaning offers low rise window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, and waxing/stripping and buffing of commercial facilities.

Are there discounts for existing clients?

Yes! We are happy to have clients who trust in us for additional services and offer great prices for your specialty cleaning needs.

Can I get specialty cleaning for my home?

Unfortunatley due to the liability, at this time we do not offer Specialty Cleaning to residential homes. Our staff and equipment is catered to commercial facilities only.

What areas do you serve?

We serve Toronto, Vaughan, Maple, Mississauga, Scarborough, Etobicoke but not limited to.

Do you provide chemicals?

Yes! We always provide chemicals for our clients. If you would like specific chemicals, such as eco-friendly you can inquire for those liquids or you can provide your own and we will be sure to adjust our pricing.

Do you have a minimum payment for commercial cleaning?

We are happy for your interest in us and understand budget needs. We do have a minimum of $1000/month for our commercial clients for qualifying procedures. If you're located within our areas of service, please let us know and we will get back to you to confirm budget pricing and how we can be of service to you!

Can I get same day cleaning?

For our commercial clients we do need a 1 week notice in order to have all the details of your facility needs and have all necessary contracts signed. For our residential clients we need a minimum 48/hour notice. There is a $80 charge for late notice. If your cleaning needs are urgent let us know, and we will see what we can do!

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